Eendo - Naale ye Shabgeer

from by United for Iran



Ardalan is a visual artist and musician with classical and jazz backgrounds. Shaadbaanoo is also a visual artist. Together they are the band Eendo. This song was written for those struggling in the protests of 2009.

اردلان در موسيقي کلاسيک تعليم ديده و شادبانو يک عکاس حرفه اي است. اين دو با هم گروه موسيقي ايندو را تشکيل داده اند. اين ترانه براي کساني است که در تظاهرات سال ۱۳۸۸ شرکت کردند. براي اطلاعت بيشتر از اين گروه به اين تار نما مراجعه کنيد:‏


ناله شب گير

سرنوشت ما اين شد که بريم به فنا
همه سرگردون تو دنيا
چون گرد و غبار تو هوا
آخر شديم بازيچه دست قلدرا
‏ خونه مون افتاد به چنگ اين دزدا و مفتخورا

Fate lead us to oblivion, we were predestined
Wandering the globe aimlessly like dust in the wind
At last the bullies turned us into their mere plaything
They took our freedom, took our home, they took everything

اون از رئيس جمهور دولت کودتا
مونده رو کار با زور چماق بسيج و سپاه
نذاشت واسه مون آبرو هيج کجاي دنيا
بس که زد حرف بيجا
مفت گفت و پرت و پلا

So much for that president of the state of coup d'état
Remaining in power by the force of basij and sepah
He goes place to place, leaving nothing but disgrace ...
... speaking nonsense with no shame, and we, the people, take the blame

نفهميديم چطور شد، چي خورديم از کجا
کردن پاچه مون به اسم مذهب و دين و خدا
از دست اين غارتگرا به کي ببريم پناه؟
دستشون پر از خون و جيبا پر از طلاي سياه

We didn't know what was coming ... how did it all begin?
They fooled us all, in the name of god and religion
Where shall we seek refuge from these murderers and thieves?
Black gold in their pockets, 'n blood drips from their sleeves

فرهنگ ما کجا رفت از کجا رسيديم به کجا
کجايين کجايين اي فردوسي اي دهخدا؟
تا کي همواره غمگين به آهنگ عزا،‏
تا کي دلهاي رنگين پر باشن از رنگ سياه؟

Our heritage went to waste, we did not foresee
Where are you! Where are you! DehKhoda! Ferdowsi!
How long shall we grieve to tunes of sorrow and sadness?
How long shall our colorful hearts be filled with total blackness?

عاقبتمون چنين شد که بشيم مبتلا،‏
به جنگ و فقر و بدبختي و صد رنج و درد و بلا
جوونامون در راه آزادي شدن فدا،‏
اشکان، ترانه، سهراب، ندا، محمد، فاطمه، مصطفي

We were lead by destiny to war and poverty ...
... to pain and suffering, misfortune and adversity
Our heroes lost their lives in hopes of a free Iran
Sohrab, Taraneh, Mohammad, Fatemeh, Mostafa, Neda and Ashkan ...

پس کي مياد اون روزي که بشيم از شر اينا خلاص
مگه ما چه بد کرديم که اين گونه پس ميديم تقاص
بگو چرا زمونه اين گونه کرده با ما، چرا هيچکس نميدونه؟
نميدونه هيچکس چرا؟

We hope to one day be rid of these heartless bullies
What have we done wrong to deserve such cruelties and brutalities?
Tell me why! Why did we get inflicted with this omen?
Why can't anyone answer this rhetorical question?

چون تقدير چنينه چه تدبير کنيم؟
چاره حتما جز اينه که ناله شبگير کنيم...‏
تقدیر اگر چنینه چه تدبیر کنیم
چاره بگو جز اینه که ناله شبگیر کنیم

If this is our final fate, what's there to be done?
anything but to moan the whole night away, to groan all night long
If this is our final fate, what's there to be done?
anything but to moan the whole night away, to groan all night long


from Azadi: Songs of Freedom for Iran, released June 12, 2012
Translated by Shahram Yazdani



all rights reserved


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