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Sofar was formed in the summer 2008 in Iran with the intention of playing “socially unacceptable” music. A year later, in the beginning of Iranian year 1388, they decided to create a piece to encourage participation in the presidential elections. Originally, the song detailed the history of Iran’s past 30 years, from the revolution of 1979 until the 2009 election. The lyrics and music were ready, but then the composer of the group died in an accident.

During the uprising that followed the disputed election, the group strongly felt the responsibility to react to the situation. So they produced a modified version of the song. Consequently, the founder and rapper of the band was arrested, interrogated and tortured. After his release, the main group members fled Iran, hoping to continue working on their album, which is a narrative of incidents after the presidential election.

گروه موسيقي سوفار ابتدا در تابستان سال 1378 شکل گرفت و در نظر داشت تا با موسيقي با مضمون اجتماعي مسير خود را دنبال کند. در اين راه آنها چند آهنگ نيمه کاره داشتند تا اينکه دراوايل سال 88 و همزمان با تبليغات انتخابات رياست جمهوري تصميم گرفتند تا يک اثر در رابطه با ترغيب مردم براي شرکت در انتخابات توليد نمايند. موضوع اين اثر، تاريخ 30 ساله بعد از انقلاب تا زمان پيش از انتخابات آن سال بود. شعر و موسيقي اين تراک در مراحل نهايي بود تا اينکه متاسفانه آهنگساز گروه در يک حادثه از دنيا رفت. پس از انتخابات و اتفاقات متعاقب آن، گروه وظيفه خود را خطيرتر ياقتند و اين باعث شد تا با تغييراتي در "وِرس" آخر موزيک آن را ارائه نمايند. متعاقب آن موسس و خواننده رپ گروه دستگير شد و مدتي را تحت شکنجه و بازجويي سپري نمود و پس از رهايي وي، اعضاي اصلي موفق به فرار از ايران شدند. با اميد به اينکه ادامه آلبوم خود، که محتوايي روايت گونه از حوادث پس از انتخابات دارد را در خارج از مرزهاي ايران ادامه دهند...‏


سي سال پيش توو يه زمستونه سرد، توي اوج ظلمُ درد
پيرو جوونُ زن ُ مرد، يه نسل اومد يه انقلابي کرد
واسه آزادي و رفعِ تبعيض از قمُ تهرانُ بمُ تبريز
همه دست به دست هم نفس راه ادامه کارُ روي شاه ميبست
تا که شاه رفت آخوند جاش اومد، همون سوزِ سرد، همون رنجُ درد اوني که سي سال ملّتو ذلّه کرد
توي فکرشون همه چيز عالي شد، همه هزينه ها بيت المالي شد
يه نفر از پاريس اومد و صحبت کرد، توي دهني حواله دولت کرد
ميگفت پول برق، آبُ نفت، که تا ديروز توي جيب شاه ميرفت،‏
الان مال توست، اي هموطن، بيا کشورُ بسازيم تن به تن
دو سه سال بعد وقتي سفت شدن، راه سواري از مردمُ حفظ شدن
حزب هايي که واسه ايران خون دادن، تک تک توي زندانا جون دادن
وحشيا شروع کردن کُشتُ کُشتار، جنازه و شهيد بود که همينطوري پشت به پشت داد

30 years ago, in a cold winter, when the pain of injustice was at its highest
Old and young, men and women, a generation carried out a revolution
For freedom, against discrimination, from Qom, Tehran, Bam and Tabriz
People were together and in unity, the Shah could not go on anymore
Then Shah went and Mullahs took his place, again the same freezing blast, the same pain and suffering, that exhausted the nation for thirty years
They thought that everything was going to be wonderful, and all of expenses were going to be paid by the state
A guy came from Paris (Khomeini) and held a speech, threatening the government with a fist
He said: the money taken by state for electricity, water and fuel was going into the packets of Shah
But now, the money is for you, My compatriots, Let’s build the country together, he said
Two or three years later, when they mastered in how to exploit and rule the people,
Members of political parties who had given sacrifices for their homeland, murdered one by one in prison
These savages started a massacre, corps and martyrs were amassed on top of each other

امروز اي ايراني اگه پاشي، فردا مال ماست
قطره بارون هم اگه باشي دريا مال ماست
بيا مرهمي باشيم واسه خاکي که مال ماست
ايراني سبز باش ايران مال ماست

My fellow-countryman, if you stand up today, tomorrow will be ours
If you are just one droplet of rain, sea will be ours
Let’s heal the land, which is ours
My fellow-countryman, be green, Iran will be ours

سر سفره که نيومد پولِ نفت، از سر سفره مردم نون هَم رفت
تا اينکه رسيديم به سال هشتادُ هشت، فکر اصلاحات باز توي ذِهنا ميگشت
ولي اين دفعه اکبرُ خاتمي، با مهدي کرّوبي موسوي
همه با هم اومدن پُشت مردُم، تا که با هم بشکنيم پشت دردُ
فکر انتخابات مردمو شاد ميکرد، بوي آزادي رهايي بيداد ميکرد
همه ايران يهو شد رنگ سبز، ذلّه شده بودن مردم بي حدّ و مرز
همه دست به دست، عليه ديو پست، رنگ سبز پاي صندوقا صف ميبست
روز جمعه بود بيستُ دوي خرداد، که موسوي اومد به همه قول داد
که اگه تقلّب بشه من هستم، تا آخر پاي رأيتون نشستم
روز شنبه سياه آغاز شد، صندوقاي دروغي يکي يکي باز شد
صادقُ عزّتُ مجتبي، شُعبده کردن با رأي ما
رأي سبزمون، شد تباه، توي بُهتمون خوندن سياه

Not only the “Oil money” was not distributed among population, they become much more economically weaker
Then we came to 2009, when the idea of reform again found place in people’s minds
This time Akbar and Khatami, supported Mousavi and Karoubi
They all stood on the side of people, so that together we get rid of pains
Election made people happy, the smell of freedom and liberty in the air
Suddenly the whole Iran became green, people were extremely tired of status-quo
All together against the evil demon, the green color formed lines before the Ballot Boxes
On Friday, June.12, Mousavi promised
That if they cheat in the election, he will stand and fight until the end
In the dark Sunday, the factitious ballot boxes became opened one by one
Sadegh (Mahsouli), Ezzat (Zarghami) and Mojtaba(Khamenei) tampered with our votes
Our green votes were ignored; they read them as black while we were staggered


from Azadi: Songs of Freedom for Iran, released June 12, 2012



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